The Burning Forest

With cheeks not so pink, hair not so straight, eyes simply black with no lipstick anywhere! With hands not so soft and skin not so fair, all with being a big size, she never believed that she is beutiful! She had the great heart! Which was rarely cared about anyway!  Shopping was a sin and … More The Burning Forest


A Broken Story!

Along a walk of life! there walked a girl, having big dreams! Who was very firm and confident about her ways and dreams! though she was always ready to learn new things in life. And this was a new thing, a new world which she had to learn and know about; but in a tender … More A Broken Story!


we always say that second chances are important and that we should not waste or let go it. But as you see the life, you just don’t get one chance, u are a chance in your life; i mean your life is a series of chances. Where we get lost is “our mind”. No one … More A CHANCE

hello everybody

hey guys! am really exited to blog everyday! n am happy that i created a blog.I would share all the storms going in my mind n my life n this world. For today am really happy to do something productive. I feel best today guys. Thanks word press. Meet u all tomorrow. Till then take … More hello everybody